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We are Missoula’s affordable acupuncture and wellness center. Be pain-free, re-set, and revitalized, at a price you can always afford.

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Downtown Missoula On The Hip Strip

We are so happy to fill the need for an affordable wellness clinic in Missoula. Contact Us any time via email or phone or feel free to come visit us at our downtown location any time. Our friendly and professional staff are passionate about your wellness, and are here to answer any of your questions.

Good Medicine Missoula Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Sliding Scale

We offer sliding scale payments for our Acupuncture services. Your cost is reflective of your yearly income. No proof of income is required, we trust you.


We offer Custom Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Massage Cupping, S.M.R.T, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling, and more.

Good Medicine Missoula Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
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“We are so happy to fill the need of an affordable wellness clinic in Missoula. Our friendly and professional staff are passionate about your wellness!”

– Jessi Brock | Owner, Massage Therapist, Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist, & Acupuncturist

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Sliding Scale Pricing Plan

We offer sliding scale payments for our Acupuncture services.

Your cost is reflective of your yearly income. No proof of income required. We trust you.

Yearly Income  – Treatment rate
$20,000-$30,000  – $35-$40
$30,000-$40,000  – $40-$45
$40,000-$50,000  – $45-$50
$50,000-$60,000  – $50-$55
$60,000-$70,000  – $55-$60
Above $70,000  – $65

Who We Are

Missoula’s Affordable Acupuncture and Wellness Center.

Jessi Brock

Licensed Massage Therapist | SMRT Certified | Owner, Good Medicine Missoula Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Kelly Needs

Herbalist, Good Medicine Missoula Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Montana Kalian

Licensed Massage Therapist, Good Medicine Missoula - Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Laura Bergoust

Oriental Medicine, Good Medicine Missoula - Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Anya Means

Licensed Massage Therapist, Good Medicine Missoula - Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Maayan Avni

Acupuncturist, Good Medicine Missoula - Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Jessi Brock

Jessi Brock

Licensed Massage Therapist | SMRT Certified | Owner

When I was younger, my mom used to suffer from horrible migraine headaches, and she would ask me to massage her to help manage her symptoms. It turns out I had a natural gift to find the exact spots she needed work on to help get rid of these debilitating headaches. As I got older and was deciding on a career, I knew that I wanted to be in a profession that helped to heal, and that allowed the freedom to treat people as the individuals they are. Everybody has different needs, and with the multiple modalities offered in Massage Therapy, I have the ability to give custom treatments for what everybody needs. Massage is an ancient and proven medicine to help heal your body inside and out. Over the years of my practice, this art has helped me to grow as an individual and has provided healing to my clients on their journey. With an affordable treatment plan, we can return you to a body that helps to heal itself! What do you specialize in? I love to use a variety of massage techniques to customize every client’s treatment. Whether it be Deep Tissue, Massage Cupping, SMRT (Sudden Muscular Release Therapy), Hot Stone Massage, or you just need to unplug and experience some deep relaxation, I can put together a treatment for whatever you need at the time you come in for your massage. I’ve been told my work is very intentional, and use a slow, firm approach to deep tissue work, so even when we are working deep into the tissue of your body, you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I’d love to work with you! Give me a call, or book your appointment online today!

Anya Means

Anya Means

Licensed Massage Therapist

Anya Means is a Licensed Massage Therapist. I graduated from the Montana School of Massage in May 2016. I practice Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone Massage as well as Cupping and Reiki. I am currently studying Thai Massage and will be offering it very soon. I have always been attracted to healthcare. From childhood to adulthood I have felt the pull to assist others in their healing processes. I studied for two years in pre-nursing at the University of Montana until I realized my beliefs resonated with holistic healthcare. I am passionate about energy and body work and love what I do. I find my sense of purpose as an LMT deeply satisfying. I am absolutely fascinated with the human body and is innate ability to heal. I honor and welcome every opportunity to facilitate the body’s healing.
Laura Bergoust

Laura Bergoust

Oriental Medicine

The study and practice of Oriental Medicine has brought healing into my life along with a vision to share and expand this effective medicine.  I am a licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist and herbalist with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors in Professional Health Studies.  I have been in practice for 9 years and after spending some time in Hawaii and Florida I am now happy to be back home in Montana. 
Oriental medicine has two complimentary sides like the yin & yang.  Herbal medicine has yin qualities, while acupuncture activates the body in a yang way.  A synergistic response occurs when these approaches are used together.  With acupuncture treatment, I regained the health of my neck and went on to be a yoga instructor after three years of considering surgery for herniated discs. Through both herbal medicine and acupuncture I continue to restored my body in many ways from the affects of chronic lyme disease, chemical exposure and hormonal imbalance. 
Oriental Medicine is based on the natural workings of our world and nature has always been my close ally.  Growing up in the Bitterroot Valley, I would ride bareback with a full moon reflecting a snowy path echoing the heavy hoofs of my horse.  After graduating from the University of Montana with a Liberal Arts & Psychology degree, I picked wild mushrooms along the west coast and sold enough to move to Maui.  I enjoyed nature’s deep nourishment while working with horses and living off the grid.  I could make a fruit salad from my back yard and timed my day with the spark of the rising and setting sun.  In Florida, I spent nearly every morning on the ocean surf.  The fiery rays of the sun caught the glistening spray of breaking waves like jeweled confetti and I celebrated with the life beneath the sea. 
Today, I connect with the power of nature through medicine as I find the same amplification of elemental forces composing and uniting continually.  Oriental medicine is individualized and changes along with the progress of treatment.  Diagnosis is made from reading the pulse and tongue, palpating the body, observation and an intake process.  I specialize in treating pain in all forms, chronic disease, hormonal imbalances and mind-body-spirit disruption. I would love to work with you and encourage your highest potential and bring lasting fulfilling change into your life.

Kelly Needs

Kelly Needs


Kelly Needs is a Professionally trained herbalist with over a thousand hours of clinical experience and over 17 years of herbal study. Kelly has been passionate about herbs since 2000.  Wonderful discoveries with native Montana plants led her to complete a Professional Herbalist course with Michael and Leslie Tierra, and many other exceptional teachers.  After graduating in 2010, Kelly established a Herbal Clinic in Bonners Ferry, Id, which operated until 2013. New opportunities brought Kelly to Missoula, Mt, where she founded Mountain Dragon Herbs L.L.C. Kelly’s specialty is creating custom Chinese and Western herbal formulas based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis.  She also enjoys teaching classes, collecting herbs in the wild, making medicines and teas, homesteading, and raising 3 boys.
Montana Kalian

Montana Kalian

Licensed Massage Therapist

How did you get in to Massage Therapy?
The medical field always fascinated me when I was younger. It appealed to my scientific side rather than to my desire to heal– a desire latent in me until 2010. It was then that I heard an acupuncturist speak about her field of medicine. Immediately a door swung open into the holistic alternative medical field. I decided to run into it whole heartedly. My new life goal was to become an acupuncturist. But what about Massage Therapy? My reasoning was that I would go to Massage School first, in order to learn in-depth the structure and function of the human body on a physical level before delving into the world of acupuncture. Upon starting massage school, however, I started to learn just how deep and broad and extensive the world of massage and bodywork is. Physically using my body, my education, and my intuition to work with someone else’s body in order to help them heal captured my passion. The world of bodywork enthralls me. Educating my clients and dynamically working with them as they connect to their body is an honor, a fulfilling puzzle, and it makes my soul sing.

What do you specialize in?
 Thai Massage and Bodywork! Cupping, scraping, using hot herbal compresses and scarves as tools to release tissue. Thai bodywork is my passion. My foundation in Massage Therapy comes from Swedish massage and myofascial deep tissue techniues. I believe that therapeutic massage is more than just “Deep Tissue”. I use a variety of techniques and pressure to engage the tissues and help them release. Every session is different, as is every body, for each body responds better to some approaches rather than others. I look forward to exploring the world of bodywork with you!

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy?
My passions and hobbies include hiking– it is fully both a physical and spiritual experience for me; reading– it is rare that I go a day without picking up whichever book I am currently invested in. My daily movement practices include yoga and Qigong. 

Maayan Avni

Maayan Avni


I found acupuncture after an eight year journey with chronic debilitating back pain. After countless medical bills, physical therapy sessions, ER trips, and pharmaceuticals, I was ready to try anything. I was blown away when I was introduced to this gentle and accessible type of healthcare. After only a handful of treatments, I was finally able to stand fully, move with ease, and experience life pain-free. It was such a blessing in my life, I decided that I had to learn and share this medicine with others.
With this background, I really enjoy working to help others find relief from pain – whether acute or chronic. Additionally, I specialize in women’s health, autoimmune disease, and adjunctive cancer care, but I accept patients with a broad range of health complaints.
When I’m not in the clinic, I spend as much time as I can outdoors. I love to hike, run, canoe, and ski. I believe that an important aspect of health is living in harmony with the seasons, and I try to attune myself to nature by spending time in it!
I have a masters and doctorate in Classical Chinese medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine and am licensed as an acupuncturist by the Montana medical board. I have additional trainings in myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and as a childbirth doula.  

Jessi Brock  - Licensed Massage Therapist | SMRT Certified | Owner - Good Medicine Missoula - Missoula, Montana

Jessi BrockLicensed Massage Therapist | SMRT Certified | Owner

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